Illusion of freedom

I wish i could tell you that this is a post on hope, courage, joy, liberty, ethics, morals and righteousness. But it is not. 

This is a post on confronting the brutal fact of your life, the herd-mentality that dominates your behaviour, the bondage and the slavery that you are so accustomed to that it feels as natural as breathing. This is a post about the illusion of freedom. 

You may be physically free to move around, but are you truly free to choose your beliefs and opinion. Do you often look for approvals and nods from your peers or superiors?

Do you find it discomforting to defend your opinion even though you know deep down that you are right! Would you rather settle for conformity and mediocrity under the disguise of collaboration and being a good team player?

When asked for your opinion, do you wait to see where the wind is following? Do you dare say the truth and stand up for it or do you only say what others want to hear?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you might be suffering from the dreadful disease - illusion of freedom. The bad news is that it is rampant and the ugly news is that this is quite possibly the worst epidemic mankind ever had to face. But, the good is that its both curable and preventable. No, there is no medication/vaccination for it nor is there a silver bullet to eradicate it. The cure is simple- think for yourself and take a stand! Please note that I said simple, not easy. And yes, there is a difference between simple and easy.

More often than not, I meet people who fear sharing their personal opinions on the most minute, unimportant and harmless of all things like movies, music, food or travel experiences. As soon as their opinions meet a hostile or reluctant audience, they would rather bend their opinion, and oftentimes to a ridiculous degree - only to get an approval or nod from the rest. It is easy to lose focus, get carried away and continue down this comfortable but deadly path for far too long. Wake up, observe and realize before its too late, the only and most personal and precious of all things - your identity is at stake. Trust me, you can not let that happen.

History offers one too many examples of the great many wars that mankind has fought. In every battle something was at stake, power, prestige, love, women, land, money, oil etc. In your and my battle, the only thing that truly is ours - ‘our identity’ is at stake. Never before were the stakes so high! And that it what makes this battle worthwhile winning. Desperate times call for desperate measures; desperate not foolish.

You and me, we were not born to be an echo-chamber!

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