But, its not fair!

“But, it’s not fair!”

“This is all I have ever known.”

“How can they do this to me!”

“Where did I go wrong?”

and yada-yada-yada… the list goes on.

You have every right to complain. After all, you have been at this organisation for what feels like an eternity. And it's not just about the length of the time you served, its about countless overtime hours that you had put in hoping that it will take you one step closer to being indispensable. A true devotee to play by the rules and instructions, you did exactly what was asked of you! As far back as you can remember, you always acted in the interest of the organisation.

As and when it was required, you put in late nights to deliver and help with the completion of the project. And deliver you did, although, it costed you forever-gone-will-never-come-back precious moments of watching your kids grow, laugh, learn, fall and get-up again. In fact, at times these forever-gone-will-never-come-back precious moments felt like a burden and a curse which kept coming in the way of your progress.

As if it wasn’t enough, to prove your loyalty, you let-go of your priorities, and aligned your dreams and long terms goals in-line with the organisation's goal. You swallowed blows to your pride and self esteem in the name of obedience and discipline. Yours is a lifetime spent in pleasing your boss, clients, colleagues to fulfil the objectives of the job.

You let others decide your career path, and permitted them to not just evaluate your skills and performance at the job, but like a good employee, you went a step further - letting them evaluate 'you'!

Like the frog who fails to realise the gradual rise in temperature of the water and boils to death, you failed to realise that you had become your job. In your attempt to become a true star, you painted yourself in the colours of the institution.

Today started as yet another regular day, you made yourself a coffee and came to your desk, only to be called inside your boss’s cabin. The news was delivered in plain english, the tone was cold and it completly took you by surprise. You have been laid-off. Just like that, no warning, no notice, no negotiation, nothing - its over!

You won the sympathy, but you lost the battle. Unfortunately, it was never about sympathy.

Of course, its not fair!

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